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( Feb. 25th, 2000 03:50 am)
About me. Hm.

I'm a writer, and artist, a poet and a dreamer. I'm a speaker, a planner, a pragmatist and a thinker. I'm an extrovert and an introvert, right brained and left brained, honest and deceiving, kind and sadistic, caring and icy. I'm a bundle of contradictions all trussed up and ready for delivery.

I'm female. I like pink and purple and blue and green and...anything colourful. I also like black, white, and love all the shades of grey. I can be serious and depressing, or playful and bubbly. I can be beautiful and confident, or messy and uncertain.

But I love. If there's one, consistent virtue, that is never faked or lied about, in me, it's love.


On the more practical side, I'm into slash and femmeslash, anime and manga, fantasy and scifi, I love the internet like the blessing it is, often post memes, Sims Legacies, and art or writing, am working on my French, and I really, really want to be your friend. :D


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