It seems I needed to post. Funny, that.

A list for today. I think there's more that should be on here, but I can't think of it, so I'll edit if I do think of anything. In the meantime...

  • Code Geass is awesome, will be getting rest of books. Big Blue Troll is getting the anime for me. Yay! *bounces around with her manga*
  • Still sick, but it seems to be on and off. Should take some drugs.
  • Have been watching Princess Princess D (Live action). Is the most cracky, gay, yaoi-teasing J-drama ever. Don't usually like drag, but omg the lolita dresses are adorable.
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the_cha: (...*blink*...)
( Oct. 17th, 2008 04:47 pm)
Okay, so I'm unbearably happy bouncy. I need like a squee icon or something. My mom came home from San Francisco and brought me t-shirts, manga, and strawberry pocky. She knows me so well. Anyway, I have the first book of Code Geass, which looks awesome, and the October Shojo Beat. Which I will be devouring shortly. So pretty!



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