So lately I've been having dreams around two central points. Kissing women, and towers falling down (tipping over) with me inside of them. I'm fairly certain they have nothing to do with each other, but they sometimes are in the same dream.

Like last night's, for example. There was a wedding, I'm pretty sure it was mine, and I was worried about being all polite when we ate. Of course I made mistakes and was my normal clumsy self. Anyway, at some point I was kissing a woman. I'm pretty sure I was actually getting married to the woman, but that's another story. This was all taking place IN THE SPACE NEEDLE. So, then it's time to dance, and Ellen (yes, as in the talk show host) was there. I danced with her little six year old daughter (which I'm pretty sure she does not have), and then the Space needle started to fall over with us inside. I woke up just as we were about to hit the ground.

It was kind of terrifying. Now, the woman thing doesn't bother me. I've known I was bi for quite a while. But it's weird that I'm having so many dreams about it, practically every night. I'm not sure if it's just a need for affection, which very well may be it, or if I specifically want affection from women at this point in my life. The woman is always fairly nondescript, no one I know, so that rules out a few things, in my mind at least.

There's also the matter of the falling building. This could mean a few things. A few of them very not good. My dreams are very first person realistic, so it feels like this is actually happening. Considering that's one of my hugest irrational fears, it can turn fairly normal, pleasant dreams (like I said, a wedding, although anxiety was a prevalent theme in this one) into nightmares which I wake up panting from.

Any thoughts or interpretations would be welcome, but I really just wanted to get this written down and out there.
In a steampunkish setting, except...not. In the dream there was futuristic technology, but also magic and medieval, coexisting. But, there was also a technologically advanced society that wanted to take over, and take the magic for their own research. We (my society/kingdom - small, but fairly powerful because of our importance) held the last of the recorded magic, and the last of the old wizards, who were dying hastily. Up in the top of the castle, squires raced to record the spells that they knew, while down below, there was a battle.

We had the most powerful spellbook in the history of the planet, the most powerful wand, and the most powerful spellcasters. All other magic had been wiped out by greed and technology. People gave up magic and gods for heavy, electronic armor that messed with any magic they tried to cast, and eventually robots. Our prophecies all stopped at this moment in time. No one could see past it. The fate of the world and magic rested on the shoulders of I, and a young boy, who fought with magic while trying to keep the book and wand safe, and our army, who fought with swords and shields against heavy duty electronic lizards, mounted by half cyborg men.

I cast my first spell, severing a man in half, and as I watched the sparks die down...I woke up. I never got to know if we won.

Needless to say...I want to write the rest of/beginning of this story. But. I want to know if this has been done before/something close, so I know how to change it. Help/Don't write a book off your dream you'll turn into S. Meyer?
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 03:14 pm)
So....yeah. Let's start from the beginning. Last night's dream.

Cut for very disturbing imagery, length, mentions of blood, and because some people don't like reading about dreams, much less nightmares. Oh yeah and language. ) And then I wake up, shaking, sweating, half crying, blankets kicked off so I'm freezing.

For those of you who didn't read: VERY VERY DISTURBING BAD DREAM.

So...yeah. I wake up at 7:30. Everyone's gone, thankfully, so they don't see my shaking. I take the dog out, check my email, go back to bed. Then comes 9:00. Dog is barking, needs to go out. I get up, I find I feel awful, like sick awful, and take the dog out, get the boys breakfast, and because I feel awful, go back to bed. Then, I fucking wake up at 1:00 going SHIT. Since then, I have broken a glass, not been able to find my wi-fi connector, freaked and stressed at basically every little thing, been disconcertingly hungry, yet not wanted to eat, and felt terribly depressed and lonely, and still not been able to get those disturbing images from my mind. I turned off my music, 'cause Hey Jude decided to come on and that was enough to make me cry (dream), so now it's quiet. It feels like it's raining, but it's not. I'm cold, sneezy, I need to clean my room, and I found out I'm gonna start getting homework next week. Usually, this would be good. Today, it just makes me feel worse.

I want tea.


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