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( Mar. 8th, 2009 03:19 am)
Just spent entire day marathoning LOTR with my Legolas player (along with Big Blue Troll and Other One Under The Stairs) and squeeing over Aragorn/Legolas (and other slashy pairings). Was epic. Aragorn muse now loud. Am happy camper :D

Bed now.
We just had one of the best, lulziest DnD sessions ever. It is here for your enjoyment.

Renyn: Elven Cleric with a nasty temper, but otherwise a nice guy. Leader, sort of, if he can ever grow some balls. Played by me.
Mikor: Half-Elven Fighter. Likes to stick his tool in anything that moves. Currently with Renyn. Played by [ profile] kippurbird
Kiorin: Eladrin Warlock, entirely insane. Believes the Stars will kill anyone he gets involved with. Usty with Phai. Played by [ profile] canadianevil
Phaien: Only human of the group, Wizard. Clueless Wonder. Recently had the blinders ripped off, it was traumatic. Kicked puppy-style ust for Ki. [ profile] soberloki

We need to be quiet and stay unnoticed. Considering we're a bunch of Fey in a forest, that shouldn't be too hard...hopefully.

Can they do it? )


We are awesome
I love St. Patty's Day, I really do. It's the Irish in me! It's funny, though, I just started reading some plays by W.B. Yeats, who is very Irish, and I didn't do it on purpose, either! So, where's the gold?

Anyway, what St. Patrick's Day really means for me is that my birthday's tomorrow. *Dancedancehappydance* Like I predicted, I am very excited! Very.

Other than that, beneath the cut is an update on DnD news!

DnD )
Ta-ta for now!


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