Alright, so. I've decided to start using my journal as an actual JOURNAL, to record where I am in my life at the time I make entries. As such, you'll probably see more about me and my personal life and stuff that you won't care about than usual. Much more about RP and fandom, too. Don't feel the need to read it. It's mostly for myself, although I'm going to keep everything open. I've been going through some weird and hard times and I think it might be therapeutic for me to get everything (or as much as I can) out on paper. So, yeah. There's your warning. On that note, list tiem:

First and foremost - dslkgjdslkjfdslkjfklsdjlkfs STAR TREK OMG. Seriously. It was fucking awesome. All the cast were amazing - most specifically the main cast, Kirk, Spock, and Bones ( I love you Karl Urban!). They had the dynamic down perfectly, and made the slash fangirl in me and my friend squee the squee of all squees. I've never been in to the Original Series - I was always a Next Gen girl, but I'll say right now that if they continue this storyline, I'm so seeing it. I'll cut this relatively short, since everyone is hearing the same thing and I don't want to spoil anybody, but just, holy fuck. Go see it. As many times as you can.

Secondly - People waiting on Sims, my Sims are currently out of commission. They're seriously lagging and I've got to do some experimenting and taking things in and out to figure out what the problem is, which I don't have the patience for right now. In a few weeks, I'll probably get them up off the ground, but for right now, don't hold your breath.

Third - I met a someone new through Jay, a fellow rper named Jen. You'll be seeing her name around. There are many awesome things I could say about her. But the gist of it is, she's into pretty much everything I'm into, and vice versa, and places where we don't overlap we've been corrupting each other with. Needless to say we hit off quickly. I also babysit her daughter, Sarah, who you might hear about, as I've become quite attached to the little thing.

I've gotten her into WK (and given her an Aya voice, yay!) and the Guild, and probably other things that I can't remember. She's gotten me into Riddick among other things (as you can see below). We have way to many lines together. Also, I co-mod a game on IJ with her set in Labyrinth-verse.

I've been watching Buffy with Jen every Saturday. We're on Season 2, now. Oh, my god, is it awesome. I can't believe I'd never seen it before. And it keeps getting better! I have quite a few new muses already, including Spike. *headdesk* Also finally reading the Vampire Chronicles, by her influence as well. I'm on to the second book, The Vampire Lestat. Love. So much.

Fourth - Now have two DnD games running, my old one with Renyn and the Bards, and now a newer one, where I play Estha, a flighty, naive, dependant eladrin warlock. There is femmeslashy fun. She's a lot like Luna, but to a more extreme extent. Which is funny, since my Luna voice has become much quieter. Huh.

Fifth - Also playing a game called InSpectres, which is basically about normal people turned Ghostbusters. I play a mousey little gamer who lives in her fantasy world and pretends she's her mary-sue. It's hilariously cracky. If you think my DnD excerpts are bad, this is worse.

Sixth - Rewatching Firefly. Forgot how good it is. Kaylee was getting quiet, now she's back loud an clear, so that's good. Thinking I should probably watch Serenity when I'm done, since I never really did rewatch it last time.

I should have way more, but I can't think of anything at the moment. You'll likely be hearing from me more frequently for the next few weeks anyway. I'm in an LJ mood, and as I mentioned above I'm going to be using this like an actual journal. Also, I got a Dreamwidth account - the_cha. Anyone need invites?
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From: [personal profile] shinimegami21

1. Wow, an update! YAY! finally. lol *hug* I'm glad that things sound more upbeat for you! You were starting to worry me before...

2. this new girl sounds great! you don't want my Aya no mores? *wibble* Very glad you're socializing! I need wifey to be happy!

3. You've never watched Buffy? What is Buffy with a Jen? lol

4. you're in a shit load of rps, girl! .__. It's crazy! Now I see why you're so busy busy..

5. ah, no Weiss Sims movie then. Oh well. ^^;

do keep up updated on yourself! <3

From: [identity profile]

I still want your Aya, silly. But getting as many people as possible into WK RP = GOOD. I even made her like Gackt for a PB. >.<

Nope, never watched it before. And that would be a typo.

Uh...not that many. >.>

Not for right now! ):
shinimegami21: Soleil Diva (Default)

From: [personal profile] shinimegami21

OH NOES! XDD My PB! D< lol

Oh...okay then lol

...yes that many!

I still lurves you, wifey~! <3

From: [identity profile]

This is an RP fact: In every game on LJ, there will be a Jen. ♥ Sounds as though you're having a wonderful time. Seriously, I'm glad for you.

Damn, I want to see Star Trek so badly. The original series, TNG and Voyager, unf.

Is an invite required for a DW acct? If so, please?

From: [identity profile]

HAHA, that's hilarious, I wasn't even thinking of that. Funny thing is I met her like, just after you, too. Weirdness. At least she's not into DN. >.<


Yup. What's your email again?

From: [identity profile]

Ooooh, I feel certain it wouldn't be all that confusing!~

WILL DO EET. SOON;;; and thanks!! Is it similar to LJ er whut?

Also, we must remain friends while @DW. ♥

From: [identity profile]

1. I want to see Star Trek so so badly it's not even funny. I'm hoping to see it Thursday 'cause that's when I get my next to last paycheck.

2. That sucks. Good luck with getting things sorted out. Hopefully it won't be too hard to fix in the end.

3. Yay new people! And yay corrupting!

I probably should see Firefly at some point. I might have to work on that if I get my netflix back.

From: [identity profile]

and I have a DW too. hirikosaunders (yeah I'm so original *giggles*) I haven't done anything with it yet though.

From: [identity profile]

Star Trek is...required. End of story.

And yeah, I'm hoping changing people over to a different house will work, but *shrug*

You need to see Firefly too. It's epic, and only one season and a movie.
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From: [identity profile]

If a dude named "scemo" friends you on DW (which he just did), that would be me. ^_^

Also, I dunno whether you saw it, but just in case you haven't - click (! Don't feel like I'm forcing you to read it, of course. I just wanted to make sure you were aware. :]

From: [identity profile]


And I just went to read that. dskljflskdjfl Remus is one of us! I love it! For this you get the awesome icon!


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