Okay. I need help naming the races in my story. As you'll see, they're all some type of fey...but it's hard to classify one as a fairy and one an elf, really, when there are multiple types that could fit each description. So help me, if you like fantastical races, please!

A: Race of human like people who have magical, elemental powers, are naturally more beautiful, and can summon/create B. They do NOT have pointed ears, or live any longer than normal humans, and could easily go their whole lives without knowing they were what they are. Extremely rare, and born only if one or both of the parents is an A. CAN breed with humans, but only humans, and the resulting child is either an A, or a human, there’s no half.

B: Glowing, small creatures, about the height of a human hand. They leave dust, have insect like wings, wear little or no clothing, have extremely strong magical powers and natural luck, are naturally enchanting and even more beautiful than A. They are immortal, but when they are hurt in any way they go back to their realm and must be summoned again by A. They have attributes that match certain elements of which they are born, and are bonded to whichever A summons them.

C: Taller human like beings that keep to themselves. Exceptionally fair, and beautiful in a kind of pointed way. They do have pointed ears, and live about a thousand years, aging very slowly. They are mostly extinct and come from the same realm as B. They do not have inherent powers, but can learn and study magic much like D. They use their magic through music. They are very cruel and cold to the other races, particularly Humans and D. They will almost never help anybody, or will help them and then demand a hefty payment later (often servitude). Have began leaving this world as technology and humans take over, having no taste for anything but their magic and music.

D: Shorter human like beings that are normally very homely and round. They age faster than humans, and live around three hundred years. They are still very prevalent in the world, but again mostly keep to themselves. They originally come from an underground realm, but now are born from one another on earth. They learn magic very quickly and have extensive knowledge of herbs, potions, and healing. They are kind to all the races and help them with only the payment of a rare ingredient. These ingredients can sometimes be cruel, though, such as a bottled B or the ear of a C, tail of a dog, etc. Tend to hide away and cling to old traditions and natural elements.

E: They live in elements, like B, but are human size. They water ones have fins, the air ones have feathery wings like angels, the fire have fiery whip like tails, and the earth have camouflage abilities. All of these attributes can be hidden at will, and they will look like normal, but inherently sexy, humans. They enchant humans and feed off of their energy. They come from a realm even further below D’s. Many have become celebrities and embraced the modern world. Live a normal human life span.

F: Tricksters, these creatures are a little shorter than D. They live in the forests and lure unsuspecting travellers to their deaths for fun. They have little bits of inherent magic, mostly curses and blessings to do with travel. They wear green and also have pointy ears. The more modern ones like to experiment with machinery to create complicated traps, and they have a thing for the shinies. Come from D’s realm. Immortal, and disappear to a different location whenever anyone attempts to harm them.

G: They usually have red skin, horns, and a tail, manipulate fire, have extremely powerful inherent magic, and make contracts with other creatures in need. Generally considered “evil”, though they consider themselves more “businessmen”. Not at all afraid to kill, torture, etc…for the right payment. Come from E’s realm. Can take on the form of anyone’s fear, at will. Immortal, regeneration.

These are the names I'm considering: Fae, Fairy, Pixie, Sorcerer/Sorceress, Wizard/Witch, Elf, Troll, Dwarf, Gnome, Sprite, Succubus/Incubus, Mermaid/Merman, Sídhe, Kobold, Dryad, Nymph, Drow, Duergar, Dwarf, Goblin, Gremlin, Demon, Devil, Hobgoblin, Huldra, Imp, Leprechaun, Nix, Ondine/Undine, Psotnik, Radande, Sylph, Troll, Elemental, Genie/Jinn/Djinn, and, last but not least, Changeling.

Any other names that fit? Which names do you think go with which creatures? Any creatures that aren't here that you'd like to see? Any creatures you'd like to see blended?

From: [identity profile] kwanboa.livejournal.com

I would choose the ones that aren't commonly used, honestly, if you don't go ahead and make up entirely new names. I always love when there are "new" creatures and humanoids.

From: [identity profile] golden-purple18.livejournal.com

I might end up going with that, since a lot of these are taking on attributes that are no where near classic in my mind. If I do end up going with classic though, I don't want to confuse people.

Oh and the sims post went up a while ago, if you didn't see it ^^

From: [identity profile] kwanboa.livejournal.com

You won't confuse people, I'm thinking...you might get some snarks about "oh, she called elves suchandsuch and she thinks she's ORIGINAL!" but really, those people aren't worth pandering to anyway. XD

...this slipped by me. *goes to investigate the Sims post*

From: [identity profile] palmer-kun.livejournal.com

Make up your own names from scratch.

Best way to go about it, really.

And... why do the elves HAVE to have pointy ears?

From: [identity profile] hirikosaunders.livejournal.com

I think those names cover just about everything.

*ponders* If you want to make up names you can play with spelling or change maybe one vowel or consonant so it seems slightly different. Also, different languages names, maybe?


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