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([personal profile] the_cha Mar. 8th, 2009 03:19 am)
Just spent entire day marathoning LOTR with my Legolas player (along with Big Blue Troll and Other One Under The Stairs) and squeeing over Aragorn/Legolas (and other slashy pairings). Was epic. Aragorn muse now loud. Am happy camper :D

Bed now.

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Oh god, I remember watching the first movie when it came out on DVD and my friends and I had a contest with each other over who could come up with the WEIRDEST pairing of random characters.

The winner, for total creeped-out-ness was Gimli/Saruman, however the most enduring turned out to be Elrond and Pippin, which not only made me laugh for two straight minutes but spawned a lot of commentary about Elrond's 'sexy hobbit eyebrow raise' and a series of RETARDED yet hilarious rp/fanfics that Adrienne and I wrote for giggles. I think we had, like, 30 or 35 'episodes' by the time we were done.

Of course it was really only funny to us, but now I can walk up to Adrienne and go 'Hey Adri, remember Larry the Perky Nazgul?' and she'll laugh. XD

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Oh fuck, yes. We did some of that too. And quoted way too many things. The geek was overwhelming as was the crack.


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