In a steampunkish setting, except...not. In the dream there was futuristic technology, but also magic and medieval, coexisting. But, there was also a technologically advanced society that wanted to take over, and take the magic for their own research. We (my society/kingdom - small, but fairly powerful because of our importance) held the last of the recorded magic, and the last of the old wizards, who were dying hastily. Up in the top of the castle, squires raced to record the spells that they knew, while down below, there was a battle.

We had the most powerful spellbook in the history of the planet, the most powerful wand, and the most powerful spellcasters. All other magic had been wiped out by greed and technology. People gave up magic and gods for heavy, electronic armor that messed with any magic they tried to cast, and eventually robots. Our prophecies all stopped at this moment in time. No one could see past it. The fate of the world and magic rested on the shoulders of I, and a young boy, who fought with magic while trying to keep the book and wand safe, and our army, who fought with swords and shields against heavy duty electronic lizards, mounted by half cyborg men.

I cast my first spell, severing a man in half, and as I watched the sparks die down...I woke up. I never got to know if we won.

Needless to say...I want to write the rest of/beginning of this story. But. I want to know if this has been done before/something close, so I know how to change it. Help/Don't write a book off your dream you'll turn into S. Meyer?

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Nothing is original under the sun. You are writing 50% of the fantasy books out there except you've added robots.

It's the execution of an unoriginal idea that makes you original. I'd say read Rainbow's End by Vernon Vinge for a nice believable story about crazy technology wrapping into the modern world. It might help/inspire you.

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Oh I know it's not completely original. I don't really expect it to be. I just want to know if there's something WAY too close to even try.

Thanks! I'll check that out. And actually now that I think about it I might be able to work this into a story I've already got going - twisting it even more past the basic fantasy/futuristic thing.

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There's no such thing as way too close unless you haven't got imagination. It is the spin you put on it that makes it original. :)
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That . . . that is actually very interesting! This could definitely become an awesome story!

I can't recall ever seeing anything of the sort, so I don't think it'd be a problem. But of course, I might be wrong.

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I know right. I wake up and I'm, thanks brain, now I have to start writing again.

Thanks! That definitely means something.

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I don't really read fantasy other than HP and Twilight and -- the second one, REALLY doesn't fit in that genre at all, but honestly, if your muse is itching, write it. Just go to town. It sounds really cool!

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That's because you cast the wrong spell, dear.

Don't cast enemy severing spells...

Cast "Interdimensional Portal" you idiot!


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