So, I did this rating of your blog thing, and it said I was PG. FUCKING PG MAN.

This fucking cocksucking meme shit makes me want to kick My Little Ponies and torture gummy bears. So there. Fuck.

...Okay, not quite, but I've decided I need to like...swear more in my blogs or something. I swear all the time in real life! I mean, you know you're sad when the only "bad" things it can find are Death (haha fuck you Death Note) and Hell. I could be a freaking saint!

I mean shit, man. That's just insulting.

PS: Sims post coming soon! :D

PPS: I'm a redhead currently, thus the tag, even if you can't tell because I need a shower!
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I think this is innaccurate, cuz in my last rant, I used ALOR of four lettered words. their rating system is flawed. :/


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I fucking love to say fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck. :) We should be Friends Who Say Fuck A Lot.

Hope this adds to your RATED R MOTHERFUCKERS rating. Bitch.

My favorite quote ever is from my friend Ryan who decided to talk to me and my boyfriend on skype one night. He listened to us go back and forth for awhile before saying "So apparently Kentucky is full of pretty people who swear a lot."

I am excited for your Sims post. :)

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*my boyfriend and I. Don't mind me, just correcting my own (fucking) grammar.

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FUCK. Yup. Nice ring.

Thank you for contributing to this motherfucking post. <33

LOL. Oh man that is an awesome quote.

Me too!
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It's because they only read what's on your journal's front page -- your twenty most recent entries, I mean. And they don't look at what's behind an LJ-cut, either! I remember how one day I got a G, and then not long later -- one or two posts, maybe -- I got an R. Oh wow. XD
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Okay, so I copied the direct address to this page in the site, and you got:

Image (

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites (

WIN! 16 "fuck"s, 5 "fucking"s, 2 "death"s, 1 "bitch."


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